A Message From Michael

Michael-Message-CroppedWe understand that many people are worried about their retirement. One of the most common concerns of people who are already in retirement is whether or not they have put enough money away for their retirement. Retirement should be something that we can all look forward to, not something we fear.

Retiring today can certainly be more complicated than 30 years ago. Many companies have cut back on pensions or have cut them out altogether. Some companies have even stopped 401K plans or they have reduced the amount that they will contribute. The fact that you may not be eligible for social security until you are 66 or 67 coupled with Washington DC talking about possibly doing away with Medicare completely changes the way that we need to approach retirement planning as compared to how ones parents planned for it.

If you are nearing or already in retirement, what is your plan to preserve your assets, manage the risk of your nest egg and provide replacement income since you will no longer be gainfully employed? I hope that somewhere in our website you will find answers, direction or even a solution to your retirement planning questions.

Here you will find retirement planning tips and retirement planning articles to help you make the most of your investment portfolio so you can enjoy your retirement years. You will also find information about such subjects as stock market investments and understanding annuities. How to choose a financial planning advisor as well as how you might benefit from one. Learn how to compare insurance and what types of insurance may help you to protect yourself and your family from a catastrophic event that could change your retirement plans.

While this website offers a lot of useful information to help you get started it can’t actually help you create a portfolio based on your individual wants and needs so for more information may we suggest that you sign up for an informative financial seminar as well as opt in for our exciting email newsletter,” Financial Advisor News.” Just use the contact us form and you will be ready to go.

Or better yet, you could contact our firm and talk about your personal situation to help you get started on the road to choosing financial advisors that may give you the financial freedom for your retirement years that you have worked so hard for.