"We understand that many people are worried about their retirement."

Retirement should be something that we can all look forward to, not something we fear.

Asset Management

At Michael Whitaker and Associates, our goal is to preserve wealth for our clients so that they can enjoy the quality of life they are accustomed to during their retirement years.

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Wealth Management

Retirees are often faced with many important decisions in regard to their long-term retirement goals. Decisions such as tax planning, rising cost of healthcare and overall inflation are all

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Financial Planning Calculators

Our financial planning calculator resource page helps you calculate a variety of things including retirement needs, investment planning, insurance planning and more.

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Are you trying to plan for an income when you retire to supplement your social security and pension? Do you want it to be a guaranteed income no matter  what the economy is doing?

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Planning Long Term Care

Planning for the cost of long term care is becoming increasingly important for Florida residents. As co-author of the book “Long Term Care is your Family Protected?” my associates and I are passionate

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Insurance Planning

Learn how insurance planning can protect, enhance and maximize your IRA, Pension and Tax Plan, whether it is through a Multi-generational strategy, maximization of your

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A Message From Michael

A Message From MichaelWe understand that many people are worried about their retirement. One of the most common concerns of people who are already in retirement is whether or not they have put enough money away for their retirement. Retirement should be something that we can all look forward to, not something we fear.

Retiring today can certainly be more complicated than 30 years ago. Many companies have cut back on pensions or have cut them out altogether. Some companies have even stopped 401K plans or they have reduced the amount that they will contribute. The fact that you may not be eligible for social security until you are 66 or 67 coupled with Washington DC talking about possibly doing away with Medicare completely changes the way that we need to approach retirement planning as compared to how ones parents planned for it.

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